Asleep on red earth, under bright stars

Compilation Release – 25 May 2011
The Stephen Vitiello inspired compilation album
Curated by Lawrence English (Room40) & Stephen Vitiello
Titled ‘Asleep on red earth, under bright stars’ it includes 11 brilliant tracks:

1.Julian day-Emu Creek
2. Tristan Louth-Robins – Memory of wind
3. Robert Curgenvend – Looking for narratives on small island
4. Simon Scott – On old hunstanton beach, UK
5. Alessio Ballerini – I dream the red earth
6. Panoptique Electrical – Soon all this will be picturesque ruins
7. Kate Carr – I used to live near the cooks river
8. Cimarron Corpé – Liminal phase
9. Mike Cooper – Birds, barks and bilabongs (with apology to Philip Jones)
10. Marisa Allen – Sitting in the dunes
11. Kompost – Kaamp

The album is available for free download from: