Jan 7, 2017

Ecce Homo

Alessio Ballerini has directed a new video for the exhibition “Ecce Homo”.

This video was realized to introduce the exhibition “Ecce Homo” (Mole Vanvitelliana – Ancona). This video contains portraits/interviews in which people are asked questions about the relation between art, society, people and everyday life. People’s framings are compared with the sculptures of the exhibition. The human body communicates with the sculptures in order to show that modern and contemporary art can create a real contact with anybody, and at the same time, it keeps intact the concepts that gave birth to the artworks. The audience becomes the co-creator of the artworks because art lets the unique personality of the audience arise. In “Ecce Homo” art gets closer to people and helps them to develop their own original point of view on the reality. The real protagonists of “Ecce Homo” are then not only the sculptures but also the visitors.

Alessio Ballerini and Annaclara Di Biase

Video + Music
Alessio Ballerini

Helen Cerina
Santu Mamona
Alessio Kgi Giaccaglia