A geographer, an artist and a biologist are united by exploration, confrontation and the sea. They talk about cultures, boundaries, relationships with the elements, coexistence of differences between human beings and the importance of 'feeling' the sea, the other and ourselves. The film blends words, sounds and images to show a succession of symbolic layers that are, as Franco Farinelli says, "the door through which we can come to terms with reality". I met Franco Farinelli - geographer and university professor, Oliviero Fiorenzi - visual artist and Fabio Fiori - writer and marine biologist during the development of Marzocca Re-lab urban regeneration project. Their deep sensitivity to issues such as relationship ignited in me the desire to express and share concepts and thoughts that are very dear to me.


Alessio Ballerini

Direction, filming and editing, sound and music


Simona Sala



Franco Farinelli, Oliviero Fiorenzi, Fabio Fiori

Voice off