La mano santa

The film was made for MACC – Produzione, commercio e cultura, an artist residency of Ca ‘Foscari University of Venice in collaboration with the Veneto Region at the thermal hotels of Abano Terme.

The intent of the work is to show the daily and ritual gestures that are hidden behind such a simple but precious subject, together with the stories of the people who use it every day in an act of care. Matter has been recorded in an attempt to transform sensation into images and sounds and evoke a poetic and vital vision, that of returning to earth’s womb.

A film by Alessio Ballerini and Simona Sala

Direction, editing and music

Alessio Ballerini

Simona Sala

With Simona Sala

Spa operator

Ajmin Atef

Donatella Bagatella

Cinematography and sound design

Alessio Ballerini

Artist residency curated by Giovanna Maroccolo

A special thanks to Dolomiti Hotel and Smeraldo Hotel