me And

Album Release – October 2010
Performed, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Alessio Ballerini
label Somehow Recordings

01 – half water
02 – me And
03 – movement two
04 – in all of us
05 – sun of venere
06 – movement three
07 – you

From the very first track ‘half water’ through the brilliant ‘in all of us’ and to the sublime ‘you’, Ballerini shows the listener his strength of keeping one’s loyalty to an incredible album. Its massive strength for me, is its different pace, but that stillness remains constant. by hibernate-recs

…..M83′s Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts as well Stars of the Lid are not far in terms of galaxy and energy, – as well as Fabio Orsi – these people are sound cosmonauts, Their spacecrafts travel through the infinity of a common route: Ballerini doses multilayered melodious carpets with echoed guitars and drones, eerie and airy synths, manipulating audio waves and frequencies. It comes out a harmonic experience emerging from the ambient noises He creates, gently blissed-out and wide spacey (In all of us)……. studing the low-radiations coming from the far Sun of Venere, its intriguing colours, not visible by the naked eye, and mesmerising effects after a long exposure to it (Half Water): like for pinhole photography, – You can’t say You take a snapshot, there’s nothing instant in its immediacy with pinhole photography, – but what comes out from a long exposure is a harmonious whole of instants and the sum of their infinite essence. by komakino zine

Lush sound design, deep drone & ambiance from this talented producer. Long lingering washes of sound & gentle crackle give way to a track which demands the title “post-shoegaze shimmer of loveliness”. This tune radiates both warmth & power, it fluctuates between neo-classical style drone & epic post-MBV style fuzzscapes. How much fun can you have with longingly sustained notes & blankets of digital static? Some of these sort of releases leave me stuck for words but this often has that grand, ascending quality which can take you up to the skies & leave you floating helplessly & happily up there. This definitely comes across as one of the more spiritual & fully realized drone/ambient releases we’ve had in for a while – quietly powerful music that literally carries you through different dimensions within the space of one short movement. The relatively long gaps between each track are very welcome as they give you a chance to absorb the peaceful waves of noise from the previous number before welcoming in the next ponderous introduction into the unknown. Really quality gear! by norman records