Music from the puddle

Album Release – March 2011
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Alessio Ballerini
Produced by Time released sound and Alessio Ballerini
Polaroids by Colin Herrick

01 Night in day
Alessio Ballerini fields recording, synths
02 Zeit part one
Alessio Ballerini samples, fields recording, synths
03 Zeit part two
Alessio Ballerini fields recording, synths, piano, guitar processing
Michele Alessandrini percussions and mixing
04 Il est temps
Alessio Ballerini acoustic guitar, electric guitar processing
05 Serene
Alessio Ballerini fields recording, sound processing, acoustic and electric guitar
Michele Alessandrini percussions
06 Outro
Alessio Ballerini fields recording

label timereleasedsound

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For the release “Music from the puddle” Alessio Ballerini has composed a perfect soundtrack for a rainy day, for the puddles that form, and for the reflected realities found within them. This lovely blend of field recordings, electronics and strings will have you leaving your umbrella at home and finding yourself drenched in the emotion of the sounds of life around you. In an edition of only 75 copies, each of these comes with an original “puddleoid” print…some of these reflections of buildings and architextures and industrial locales are complete, some are partial, but all are magical! Each completely unique original print, along with the sleeved, 3′′ mini cdr, comes in a hand lettered outer translucent envelope with hand formed puddle, a hand lettered tag, and other goodies inserted inside.

the polaroids will be spread and the puddles will dry

Alessio Ballerini and Colin Herrick are nominated in the Qwartz Artwork Category