SoundTales is an entrepreneurial-fabric promotion project carried out by the realization of an artistic video focused on the language of sound and music. The project gets enriched, for JES!&Co., by a soundscape composition workshop and an international call addressed to sound designers.

ST connects artists and enterprises in order to fulfill the need such companies feel for storytelling and innovation, safeguarding the peculiarities of artistic research in the realization of promotional creations.

ST supervises the whole ideation, creation and launching process of the artistic product through different steps:
Storytelling. A creative and stimulating storytelling in which the enterprise is brought to review its own story and identity linked to people and territory, aiming to highlight key elements characterizing its business.
Ideation. The artist, collaborating with a storyteller, handles the company’s distinctive traits transforming them into a personal visual poetic, and realizes a video based on sound and musical language.

Workshop and Creation. The field-recording and soundscape composition workshop participants are involved in a company’s musical identity listening process, and they collaborate with the artist who records and catches sound features of the firm itself

Call for sound designers. We are delighted to announce the international call SoundTales winner. We received 63 different tracks over the past months, coming from over the world, each one gifted with extraordinary artistic qualities. The winning track is: “An Early Oxidation” by Saverio Rosi.
The jury composed by Alessio Ballerini, Gianmarco del Re, Matteo Meda, Sabrina Maggiori and Michela Acquili, selected the winning track among a group of other 4, which made it to the final cut too. Given the high artistic content, all these finalist tracks have been selected to be included in a digital release, which can be freely downloaded at Creative Commons, by the label Oak Edition.

The project is still in progress.

Concept and artistic direction by Alessio Ballerini
Promotion and coordination by Sineglossa Creative Ground
Project developed within Comune di Jesi and Jes&Co.

painting ‘The Sound Recordist’ by Eric Cator