Dec 20, 2015


Tum Cha wins BEST CONCEPT award at “LA DANZA IN 1 MINUTO 2015” contest !!!

The project is still in progress and the video will include other dancers with different rithms and choreographies.

How we perceive the dance if we remove the stimulus triggering or music?
It remains inner harmony, the movement that produces sound, the sound that generates movement and itself becomes music and rhythm on which to dance.
The work explores the emotional movements of the dancers, the sounds found in different rhythmic patterns of each dance, in a private and intimate where permitted listen to yourself.

Lorenza Rossini e Alessio Ballerini

Direction and editing
Alessio Ballerini

Concept and organization
Lorenza Rossini

Fiston Ngoie per Centro Formazione Danza
Alessio Kgi Giaccaglia per La Luna Dance Center
Laura Borgognoni per Pole Acrobatic Gym Ancona
Simona Apostol per Centro Formazione Danza
Santu Mamona per Centro Formazione Danza