Apr 13, 2017


Alessio Ballerini has composed the soundtrack for the documentary Wiwanana. The film by Iacopo Patierno tells the history of the project ‘Il Teatro fa bene’ by Jacopo Fo.

A group of five Italians and a Mozambican go round the forests of Mozambique in search of five amateur actors. The objective is to take them to Italy, write a comedy on health information together, and finally organise a tour around the villages of North Mozambique.
Will they manage in spite of their cultural differences?
This is the story of Wiwanana, or how dialogue is the most powerful weapon in the fight for change.

Executive producer: Jacopo Fo, Bruno Patierno
Director of photography: Paolo Negro
Sound: Daniele Sosio
Editing: Iacopo Patierno, Simone Manganello, with the friendly contribution of Johan Söderberg
Script consultant: Federica Sozzi
Assistant Director: Filippo M. Ceredi
Music: Alessio Ballerini
Mix: Daniele Cutrufo
Sound Design: Alessio Ballerini, Daniele Cutrufo
Camera Operator: Paolo Negro, Iacopo Patierno
Color Grading: Giorgia Meacci
Art Director: Wet Studio
Festival and distribution consultant: Cristina Rajola
Festival and distribution assistant: Mara Veneziano

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